Participation in virtual learning revolution conference

Recently I participated in some sessions of online learning revolution conference. It was fully good learning experience to get knowledge about what’s going on in all around the world in the field of educational technology. Due to GMT + 5:30, some of my bad sleeping habits and some technical problems, I was unable to attend all time sessions, but whatever sessions I attended, had a good dose of learning.

One of the revolutionary presentation was by Dr. Roger Schank. I also got to know some feed about my own doctoral research work which is on exploring the potential of social networking site sin teacher education.

I will definitely attend some of the interesting sessions in recordings as well as the other conferences recordings. I must congratulate the organiser for such learning activities which are available to worldwide for anytime and anywhere access with the internet facility. I also want to thank all the members, group and individual who make these activities successful by their regress efforts.

Sweet Memories – Never to Forget

Unforgettable Moments

Sometimes the best memories is necessary to keep safe with lop off in order to save it as the layers of time does not dim its importance. These are memories that has the feeling of passing centuries, on the other hand is just a moment permeates the whole life. These recall some memories of 2nd Dhamma-Dharma Conference in Bhopal – the city of lakes, spent only three days in which I lived centuries. I do not crave ever more luxuriously full of life, it just makes life easier, but it is the feelings which makes important –Antarman happiness – the joy of living. Antarman happiness, which is impossible to write in words. When we do not have enough trust on our self, as is expressed feelings of others, is reflected in the eyes of others – it is very beautiful moment, those beautiful moments I have lived in these three days. How can be forgotten amidst all this – the natural beauty, and this is the heart of nature fits in my eyes, so do not miss that at all. Also many new friends, which seems to make ​​the old relationship, I never forget them. That world was a new reality in which it was really just like a dream – a beautiful dream. Now I am back to my dear life to do something unique, making its mark in life, to imprint the success symbol on the sands of time!

Entertainment-Education on Radio for Social Development

In recent times, Radio has an important role in the development of masses, not only because of its effectiveness as a source of information and as a developer of attitudes, but also because of its ready availability virtually to the whole community. Radio is a universal and versatile medium of communication that can be used for the benefits of society. Throughout the years, Radio has been used to encourage positive individual behavioural change through formal lessons or didactic lectures delivered by renowned scholars and authorities. More effectively, however, radio can bring exciting, entertaining programmes into the homes and lives of millions of listeners, dramas that engage listeners’ emotions while informing them of new ideas and behaviors that can improve their lives and their communities. Research shows that the most effective messages begin with an understanding of where the audience is located on the steps to behavior change. They then employ the most appropriate form of communication to move the audience on to the next steps. Five steps to behavior change appear in some form in all commonly used models of communication effects: knowledge, approval, intention, practice, and advocacy (Fossard, 1996). In many ways, Radio provides a mean for social development of people. It helps in making people conscious & aware about the societal problems & suggest path towards how to deal with them. It teaches many things like family planning, health care, law & order of the country, rules of the state, various government schemes & plans and how to contribute to the society for development. Through various social awareness programmes, it develops a positive attitude of the people through humanity and responsibility to the society. Betz (2004) discussed one of the longest standing examples of the use of radio as a tool for social development is that of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Since the 1960s the FAO has been using radio as a means of assisting those in rural areas of developing countries. The goal of which was to assist rural workers so they could come up with concrete solutions to the shared problems they faced together. There are other examples of radio’s ability to convey ideas and messages in basic education. The media were seen as crucial in the UNESCO/UNICEF “Education for All” initiative taken at the Jomtien conference in 1990. Some believe UNICEF used the media effectively for social mobilization in health and other basic education in a number of developing countries. This was particularly effective in areas of conflict or former conflict where health and educational infrastructures had broken down, and where radio was one of the few sources of education as well as information (Adam, 1995). Moreover, in parts of India that are currently out of the reach of the Internet revolution, radio is the main medium of social change.

Throughout the world, Radio is a popular media for disseminating social development messages. Many Radio programmes have proved effective in delivering information to a large audience with universal accessibility. One of the most effective uses of radio for social change is “Entertainment-Education”. The English word “entertainment” comes from the Latin word “intertenere.” The prefix “inter” means “among,” and the verb “tenere” means “to hold.”  The whole word “intertenere,” therefore, has the meaning “to hold or command one’s attention.” “Education” also has its origins in Latin, the prefix “e” meaning “out of” and the verb “ducere” meaning “to lead.” Originally, the verb “educare” meant “to assist at the birth of a child.” It now means “to rear or to raise” or, in other words, “to lead a person forward or encourage a person’s growth and development.” “Entertainment-Education,” therefore, can be defined as “commanding the attention of the audience while encouraging their growth and development,” and Entertainment-Education serial drama can be understood as a powerful method of motivating positive social change and personal development (Fossard, 1996). So, the term “Entertainment-Education” describes any communication presented that blends a social development educational message into an entertainment format.

Educational Technology

Educational technology is not the medicine or the so called ‘Rambaan’ for all the illness, it just provide a way to effective teaching and learning, depending upon how to use these hardware and software technologies. Here, educational technology doesn’t meant the computer and internet only, it is the use of any tool or technique to make learning easy, interesting, accessible and effective. Thus, teachers are the best technology in any classroom whether traditional or modern web-based classroom.